WorldTop4 Mobile Phones

1-Samsung Galaxy Note nine

For a number of months last year, the Samsung Galaxy Note eight lived at the highest of this list, eventually being knocked down by the iPhone X then Huawei P20 professional.

With the recent launch of the Galaxy Note nine and a number of days of serious USA, get it’s time to place the Note nine back on prime because of the best smartphone presently accessible.

The Galaxy Note nine improves upon the Note eight with a Bluetooth S Pen, additional internal capability and RAM, an enormous four,000 mAh battery, improved twin rear cameras with some software package intelligence, increased audio capability, and new placement of the rear fingerprint scanner.

WorldTop4 Mobile Phones
WorldTop4 Mobile Phones

2-HUAWEI P20 professional

While America shoppers can get to resort to eBay to select one up, the Huawei P20 professional is one of the foremost exciting phones of 2018.

The distinctive triple camera style with a sixty-eight-megapixel value of shooting power ought to assist you to take some fantastic shots with an occasional light-weight mode that beats out all the opposite smartphones accessible these days.

Huawei has been together with large capability batteries in its flagships and therefore the P20 professionals not any exception with four,000 mAh that’s absolute to get you thru a minimum of one full, busy day. it’san oversized half dozen.1 in. OLED with a notch you’ll show or hide, a strong Kirin 970 processor with integrated AI, IP67 dirt and water resistance, and more.

WorldTop4 Mobile Phones
WorldTop4 Mobile Phones


Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 and S9 and earlier this year. It’s associate evolution within the Galaxy S line, however one that leads as getting ready to perfection as you’ll expect for a smartphone these days.

Samsung’s eternity show continues to require the highest spot with each new unleash, turn the Apple iPhone X that lived therein spot for a number of months.

there’s 6GB of RAM, the quickest Qualcomm flower 845 mobile processor, a rear twin aperture camera, another one with super motion-picture show support (S9 and only), the power to feature cheap microSD cards, improved Bixby assistant and a hardware button dedicated to its use, Samsung Pay payment technology, wireless and quick charging, IP68 dirt and water resistance, a USB Type-C commonplace port, an ancient three.

5mm receiver jack. It additionally launches with humanoid eight.0 Oreo. there’s nothing missing from the Galaxy S9 and it deserves the highest spot.

WorldTop4 Mobile Phones
WorldTop4 Mobile Phones


The Apple iPhone X has been accessible for many months currently and regular readers are also surprised to grasp I still have one. it had been the best worth mass-market phone to launch with a beginning worth of $999 for 64GB and $1,149 for 256GB.

Samsung has slightly higher costs for the Note nine, however, we have a tendency to area unit doubtless to examine even higher priced larger iPhone models within the close to future.

The iPhone X is that the 1st distinctive iPhone style we’ve seen since the first iPhone launched ten years past. it’s an oversized five.8-inch front show with smallest bezels and no front home button. A Samsung OLED panel is employed for the primary time on associate iPhone.

there’s a twin rear camera setup with a brand new thanks to using the iPhone because of the shortage of a home button and ancient power button.

WorldTop4 Mobile Phones
WorldTop4 Mobile Phones

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The Galaxy Note eight was within the prime spot for a few months as a result of it had been the foremost advanced smartphone on the market. The Note nine is best, therefore, it pushed the Note eight down, however, it’s still a really capable smartphone and will be accessible at lower costs presently with the Note nine launch.

The Samsung Galaxy Note eight has all of the superb Galaxy Foundation aspects found within the S9 and S9 and, however it uses the flower 835 processor and therefore the camera doesn’t have twin mechanical aperture.

That said, it’s the S Pen and if you get pleasure from employing a stylus together with your phone then the Note eight cannot be beaten.

WorldTop4 Mobile Phones
WorldTop4 Mobile Phones

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